Meet the New Bar W Guest Ranch General Manager – Jami Phillips | Mar. 6, 2024

Jami comes with an impressive background in the hospitality industry with over 25 years of experience. Jami thrives on providing optimal guest experiences and ensuring everyone at Bar W feels connected, including staff and guests. Jami is very passionate about Montana, the Flathead Valley area and everything those magnificent regions have to offer. Jami and her husband have a lovely family which includes six wonderful children! Bar W is beyond thrilled to have Jami leading the Bar W Guest Ranch family and wanted to take the opportunity to get to know her better.


Choosing Bar W

Jami chose to work at the Bar W Guest Ranch for two main reasons; first are the owners. Bill and Barbara Wetzel exemplify and embody the Bar W core values; we create a positive environment, we connect people, and we do what we say. Jami said, “when I was meeting with Bill prior to coming on board, I was able to see his connection with the Bar W staff and guests. I felt a sense of integrity, as well as a positive aura with each staff and guest I had met.” Second, Jami loves the hospitality industry. “Helping people have an amazing experience at the ranch, in the most stunning area, Flathead Valley and Whitefish, it really does not get any better,” exclaimed Jami!

Bar W provides such a unique experience for all our guests, and staff for that matter. “The ranch is absolutely stunning. Driving up the dirt road each morning with a little dew on the grass and seeing the wranglers getting the horses ready for guests, then watching guests appear outside the Horseshoe, after finishing a delicious breakfast, all under a crystal blue Montana sky makes my heart happy,” explains Jami. Later in the evening, Jami can’t wait to hear about all the guests’ adventures and seeing them connect with each other makes everything worthwhile. Jami also noted that the pride that the Bar W staff has in their work, and making sure each guest has the best possible experience is key to those great adventures. Then of course, there are the Bar W horses, they are all simply incredible!

History of Hospitality

Jami is honored and humbled with the trust that Bill and Barbara have shown in her becoming the General Manager of Bar W Guest Ranch. Jami is excited to work even closer with all the great Bar W staff and connect with all the guests this upcoming season.

Jami has previously worked at the Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort in Whitefish, MT as the Chief Financial Officer. That was her main, deep dive into the world of hospitality, and she fell deeply in love. “Learning the different aspects of hospitality from lodging to food service, to winter and summer activities, really helped bring awareness to all the different aspects of guests needs amongst diverse situations,” explained Jaim. After the Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort, Jami worked in the restaurant industry for many years, which brings an extensive insight into the customer experience. While that career may seem like a more focused approach to guest services, she quickly learned how diverse cultures and core values can impact a business. Jami is so happy to be back in the industry she loves!


Upcoming Season Expectations

Jami is thrilled for the upcoming season – it can’t come soon enough! Bar W’s current staff, and recent hires, are great people and share in the Bar W core values. Jami expects all staff will make wonderful and meaningful connections with each other and with guests. With a clear focus on the guest experience, Bar W will continue to provide unforgettable adventures that include tasty meals, fun entertainment, and memorable activities both off and on our horses. Overall, Jami wants to see our staff and guests having happy, safe, and exceptional experiences at the Bar W Guest Ranch.


Bar W is overjoyed to have Jami on the Bar W Guest Ranch team and we cannot wait for the unforgettable experiences she’ll bring to our guests and staff!


Published on 3/6/2024 (42 days ago) Blog

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