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Bill and Barb Wetzel

Bill and Barbara Wetzel

Meet the Owners

"When Bill and I were looking for a new business in the Whitefish area, we knew it would have to be one that would include all six of our grown children. With a long-time blended family, it was important that all were included in this venture, even if they were not involved in the day-to-day business. We do have some involvement from some of the kids and/or their spouses, but some have nothing to do with it except to enjoy it! Since there are 8 of us, we named the LLC that does business as the Bar W “16 Hands”…to represent the 8 of us and also the height of a horse. You will learn a little bit about each of us below:"

- Barbara


Family Bios



Bill is a lifelong entrepreneur! His brain never stops!!!  Bill & Barbara have another business in Chicago, United Business Mail, that processes standard mail for companies, helping them reduce their postage spend.  He is the Visionary of both companies.  He has also been a construction worker on all of the projects at the ranch. He works very hard and plays very hard and then crashes in his chair at night.


Barbara is the Mama Bear…kids, spouses, grandchildren, her nieces & nephews, their two dogs Bozeman & Libby, and the staff that works at the ranch. Besides owning the ranch, she is also acting General Manager and Sales Manager.


Jason is Bill’s oldest son and is a stay-at-home dad to three beautiful children…Ellie, Willie, and Henry. Jason’s wife, Jessica is the Marketing Coordinator for the ranch and for United Business Mail. When Ellie is out of school for the summer, the family packs up and leaves Duluth, MN to spend the summer at the ranch. Jason works in Ranch Relations and enjoys visiting with the guests and the kiddos enjoy the Kid’s Program and ranch life!  And Grandma & Grandpa enjoy having them around!!


Ben is Bill’s second oldest and he is the Network Coordinator for the ranch and for United Business Mail.  He and his wife Chrissy live in the Minneapolis area. Chrissy has a degree in Human Services and is completing a certification program to be a licensed alcohol and drug counselor. They greatly enjoy their Corgi dog, Potter, and their cats Denny & Weasley. They love visiting Montana and the ranch!


Michael is Barbara’s son.  Michael and his wife Sally currently live in England for his work but will soon be moving back to the States. They both enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, running, and skiing. They both have their master’s and typically win Trivia night at the local pubs. They too enjoy visiting Montana!  They have seen the ranch, but have yet to experience the ranch in season.


Bill’s oldest daughter, Ashley, is a wife, mom to almost 2-year-old Logan, and she is a Patient Care Supervisor for the Operating Room at a hospital in Minneapolis. Her husband, Nick, will soon complete his Associate of Applied Science in Cardiovascular Technology. And Logan is just a sweet, lovable little boy!! They have a large, beautiful dog named Albert and cats, Carl, Penelope, and Winston.


Amanda is Barbara’s daughter.  She and her fiancĂ©, Josh, moved to Montana when Bill & Barbara purchased the ranch. Amanda does the purchasing for the ranch Trading Post and manages the POS system and inventory.  She is also starting her own business making laser engraved products. Josh also works for the ranch as the Human Resources Coordinator and Office Manager. They have a sweet dog named Luna.


Megan is the baby of the family! She is the Payroll Coordinator for both United Business Mail and the Bar W. Megan and her fiancé Ted will marry in May 2023. Ted is a Project Manager for a low voltage electrical company. They live in the Minneapolis area and have a fluffball cat named Sam. They also really like visiting Montana and partaking in the activities at the ranch.


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