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Bar W Ranch - Whitefish MT- Dude Ranch Testimonials
Bar W Ranch - Whitefish MT- Dude Ranch Testimonials
Bar W Ranch - Whitefish MT- Dude Ranch Testimonials
Bar W Ranch - Whitefish MT- Dude Ranch Testimonials


Family Week Testimonials


“We had a wonderful time at the Bar W! The activities were wonderful for my whole family. My husband and son who typically won’t ride horses even enjoyed the trails and a few classes. The staff was amazing and knowledgeable. Everyone was attentive to the different needs of everyone at the ranch. This was a fabulous family vacation!”

- Crystal W.


“We’ve been to four other dude ranches and the Bar W has the best overall horses, horsemanship training and care of the horses. We would feel very comfortable bringing novice riders to the ranch knowing they would be safe, have a positive riding experience and would leave the ranch better horse people. They would be exposed to many types of riding – not just nose to tail trail riding. We loved the ranch, the experience, and the staff. We like to try new ranches, but we would come back, and the Bar W would be at the top of the list if we came with a large group with a range of riding experience.”

- Chris & Brooke S.


“The Bar W is not a vacation, it is an experience we will always remember. The set-up and coordination of events, making sure all guests are safe and able to have fun – very professional. So much to do, great activities for all ages. The staff were amazing. We really loved hearing their stories, not only as they lead rides or lessons, but sharing meals and sitting by them. They are all consummate professionals.”

- Shane J.


“Our week was fantastic! We came as a mother-daughter duo to celebrate a 13th birthday for a horse-lover and we could not be happier with how it went. The 13-year-old made new friends, enjoyed every second of ranch life , from waking up in our tent to find horses right outside at the fence, to each and every ride she had, and even enjoyed our day away from horses to go rafting! And Mom, an inexperienced horse admirer, also made some amazing friends and truly enjoyed the camaraderie, amazing staff, and beautiful surrounding. Every single staff member made us feel at home and important and we appreciate you!! ”

- Amy L.


“What separates the ordinary from the extraordinary is the people working behind the scenes. The Bar W owners bring that extraordinary commitment to meeting and exceeding expectations. Thank you and all the employees of Bar W that made our Bar W experience so special. We are already planning another trip for next year.”

- James R.


“This was our first time ever experiencing anything like this. We wanted our family to unplug from the business of everyday life and have wholesome, quality time together. To the owner’s family…thank you for making all of us feel like we are all a part of yours. I know you don’t have formal experience in hospitality, but making us feel welcome in your home, is hospitality at its core. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Bar W. Thank you for this once in a lifetime experience. It was all we dreamed of and more.”

- Sarah Beth M.


“This trip and experience was absolutely wonderful and something my family will always remember. Eagles Nest was perfect as we had our own space with a beautiful view, and it was an easy walk for meals, activities, and horses. The entire week met all our expectations and we would recommend this trip as a must do! Thank you Bar W!”

- Barbara C.


“Words cannot express my gratitude! Overall exceptional and priceless! Staff outstanding! Owners amazing! Fun, caring, loving atmosphere. Next year I’m bringing my entire family. Same time and hopefully the same cabin too! See y’all next year!”

- Trish S.


Adult Week Testimonials


“Our trip to the Bar W was the trip of a lifetime. Right from the start, the staff told us their core values of a positive environment, connecting people, and they do what they say. I lead our own company by our core values, and I can say that the Bar W lives their core values 100%! Thank to the owners, the staff, the horses, and all the off-site partners that make the Bar W so special.”

- William B.


“The experience from the moment we arrived, to the moment we left was relaxing, fun, and exceeded expectations. The staff are always trying to accommodate all your needs and enhancing your experience. The dining hall was designed to create togetherness, it does that while providing a variety of meals…which were all GREAT!! If you’re from the city, you’ll fit right in. If you’re from the country, you’ll be at home. The accommodations are rustic with modern touches. Comfortable, yet quaint. We highly recommend a stay at the Bar W for all types and ages!”

- Michael S.


“This was a once in a lifetime vacation for me. I had the best time ever on the ranch. Great guests, great staff, great food, and accommodations. We spent as much time with horses that we could. All the wranglers were great. You can tell that they care for the horses and treat them well. The food was great and food staff is so polite and friendly. I needed 2-3 more days to enjoy all the activities that I wanted! Thank you for a great Montana experience!”

- Haleigh S.


“The staff was amazing! I had no riding experience coming in, except for a few lessons to prepare, and I am leaving feeling very comfortable and confident on a horse!”

- Westin O.


“This trip truly was amazing. Glamping was an experience I have always wanted to do. We were able to wake up to horses every morning. The food was great and if I didn’t like something, there was always something else for me to eat. All the wranglers were very knowledgeable and very friendly. Everyone could do something. We took advantage of the hot tub at least twice. I honestly have nothing to complain about. I really hope I can come back and do this with my family. Thank you for everything and keep up all the good work!”

- Kat K.


“Bar W,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was the most memorable vacation I have ever experienced. Everyone made the time and visit extraordinary. ”

- Brian P.


“The whole operation of Bar W is top rate! We stayed in the lodge and the furnishings were rustic in appearance yet top-notch in performance. The bed was so comfortable. The food was fantastic! The Chef is Magic! The crew went above and beyond, I expected “cafeteria” food and was that off the mark! The entrees were tasty and paired well with the side dishes; and there was always plenty of greens and fruit at each meal. The desserts were plentiful and tasty. The staff was diverse and friendly with exceptional professionalism. Extra accommodation was made for a member of our group to work with a certain horse to provide a confidence-building and positive experience throughout the week. This is just an example of how the staff listened and responded to provide each individual the most worthwhile and fulfilling week. Thanks to all! ”

- Janet Z.


“We are grateful for the staff who took kind-hearted and thoughtful care of us. Our week was enhanced by each of the staff and guests. We didn’t feel like guests, we felt like family. Guest quarters are clean, well maintained, and beautifully appointed. Activities were engaging and fun. We will be back! ”

- Brandi T.


Cattle Drive Testimonials


“For me, this was a dream come true. I’ve wanted to do this since I was young. I signed up for the Cattle Drive and got to experience SO much more. Not only did we go find the cattle, we chased them out of thickets, the creek, and then once back at the ranch, helped cut out the calves for initiation. We then helped Chuck divide out market stock from those going back out on the range. We went on multiple beautiful rides…all on Chuck’s property. Watched him break wild horses and even participated. This trip was more…so much more than I could have dreamed and my mount was the best! Thank you all so much!”

- Bonne T.


Solo Travelers Testimonials


“I am not sure how to explain a life changing experience, or how to sum up the love and care of your staff. Your wranglers are above any wranglers anywhere! From the trail to maintenance to kitchen, it never ends. Everyone is happy to serve. I will come back again and recommend you for the safety and support I felt. Your trail rides have such attention to safety! Everyone is safety first.”

- Nancy A.


“There are not enough words to describe how much of an incredible experience this was for me! As soon as I arrived here it automatically felt like home. This is the most peaceful place on the planet. I am so thankful for all the Bar W staff and all the hard work they put into running this little slice of heaven. I had the most peaceful sleeps in the tent I have ever had in my life. The thing I enjoyed most was helping the wranglers out with chores after my trail rides. It’s something I hold dear to my heart and feel so fulfilled that I got to experience what it’s like working on a ranch and see how incredibly hard they work. ”

- JP S.


“Dearest Bar W Family,
I’m a bit misty eyed having to say “Goodbye” or “Until we meet again”. The week was amazing in so many ways. I had fun riding the trails and taking the lessons! I met new friends and returned to the old ones. My heart overflows with gratitude to this beautiful ranch and Bar W staff! This is God’s Country! God’s Blessings Always. ”

- Serena L.


“Bar W Guest Ranch was an amazing and magical experience. The week spent here offered the best of the best in staff, activities, food, accommodations, location, and most importantly – the horses! Thank you for making my vacation the most memorable. ”

- Melissa G.


“My stay was wonderful! There was so much to do, and the staff worked really hard to make it fun. All the evening activities were great, but the riding was the absolute BEST! Being a solo traveler for the first time after a very rough year was difficult, but the other guests in my group made me feel like family! The staff was awesome! The food was amazing. I would definitely recommend the Bar W!!”

- Kelly E.


“I’m sad to be leaving, but grateful for the experience. My visit to the Bar W Ranch met my expectations very well! The wranglers were impressive with how honest and open they were with answering questions, and also teaching me how to improve on my riding skills. I’m leaving the ranch way more comfortable with riding a horse. Posting turned trotting into a much less “high impact” activity. (Thank goodness!) The staff really make this ranch special. Kind and hardworking folks. ***** 5 star rating!”

- Lisa S.


“Always wanted to come to a “Dude” Ranch. I never imagined it would be this awesome and wonderful. This was truly an experience I WILL NEVER FORGET. It was like belonging to a large, happy family. I always loved being on a horse – being it few and far between. Riding Cash, I just couldn’t get enough. I love this place and the wonderful staff – Thanks everyone for making this week SO SPECIAL. I will be back one day. Montana is so beautiful.”

- Merri


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The Bar W Guest Ranch - Whitefish Montana - Dude Vacation Ranch